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6 Lawn Preparation Tips for Spring

Are you worried about the state of your lawns? Do you like to look after your lawns yourself? Well, this is an ideal article for you to have a read! We will be talking about the top six tips for preparing your lawns for Spring. Some of the things that we recommend includes things like cleaning up your lawns, aeration, fertilizing, watering, weeding, and regular mowing. Let us help you get the right tips for your lawns to be the envy of the entire neighborhood this Spring! Read More about 6 Lawn Preparation Tips For Spring >>

5 Landscape Lighting Ideas

When it comes to landscape lighting, always work with a professional landscaper who can help you choose the right lighting fixtures and install them correctly. They can also suggest energy-efficient solutions, such as LED lights, to save you money on your energy bills. The experts will also use transformers, dimmers, and relays, which helps improve your landscape lighting's energy efficiency. In this article we will be discussing the top five landscape lighting ideas including walkway lighting, step lighting, tree lighting, garden and retaining wall lighting. Read More about 5 Landscape Lighting Ideas >>

5 Most Popular Paver Choices

Pavers are a fantastic surface choice for a range of outdoor applications. Concrete materials are more affordable than those made of clay, porcelain, or natural stone. Although stone and clay are more expensive than concrete, they are durable and visually pleasing. Additionally, you can combine paver stones to construct one-of-a-kind landscape designs that our experts will implement for you. Different pavers require unique installation techniques, which our staff is well-versed in. Read More about 5 Most Popular Paver Choices >>

7 Tips for Hiring a Landscaping Company

In this article we would like to discuss the top 7 tips for hiring a good landscaping company. We understand that it can be a daunting task trying to decide which company to hire to take on your landscaping project. there are so many companies out there, how do you make the right choice? Please read through this article for some very important tips that will come in handy and hopefully assist you in selecting the best landscape company for the job! Read more about 7 Tips for Hiring a Landscaping Company >>

What Are The Best Lawn Treatments?

While almost everyone loves to have a beautiful lawn, homeowners often forget that lawn care is extremely necessary. Not taking good care of your lawn would result in a messy looking yard, with overgrown weeds, brown patches of unhealthy grass and pests. You would want to stick to a maintenance routine and hire lawn treatment professionals on a regular basis. We at Thrive Lawns have all the experience and knowledge to able to keep your lawns looking their best all year round! Read More about What Are The Best Lawn Treatments? >>

5 Hardscaping Ideas to Implement

When it comes to hardscaping, the choices are endless. It can be a hard decision deciding where to start. Some of the more popular hardscaping features that we see homeowners install include patios, pool decks, walkways, outdoor kitchens and outdoor firepits. Here at Thrive Landscape Management, we have all the experience and knowledge to help you transform the way your property looks and feels! Read More about 5 Hardscaping Ideas to Implement >>

5 Outdoor Living Must Haves

Creating a beautiful outdoor area involves planning the layout perfectly and including outdoor living features that will be functional, aesthetically appealing as well as durable. We provide start to end outdoor living space design and installation solutions for outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor patios, outdoor fire pits and outdoor pergolas. In short, we can create stunning outdoor areas that will be welcoming, resilient as well as extremely functional and easy to maintain. We ensure that all these features are designed to perfection and installed expertly. Read More about 5 Outdoor Living Must Haves >>

Landscape Design Concepts

One of the most important steps in creating any type of landscape is of course the design phase. This is where your wants and needs are established with the landscape designer who will then be able to make your visions a reality. We offer full landscape design services to our clients so that they can see on paper what their landscapes will look like before we even touch the soil. Read More about Landscape Design Concepts >>

Tree Maintenance Tips

We offer our clients comprehensive tree maintenance services. Working with larger trees can at time be dangerous and it is always a good idea to get some tips from the professionals or better yet, let us take care of all of your tree maintenance needs in a safe and efficient manner. Some of the more popular tree maintenance services includes tree trimming and pruning, removal or transplanting and stump grinding. Read More about Tree Maintenance Tips >>

Landscaping on a Budget Tips

Do you want a backyard that is not only appealing but also more functional? You can have your dream backyard by installing a new landscape or adding new outdoor features and amenities. Professional landscapers can help you in the design and installation of your desired landscape features. They can also upgrade the look and function of your outdoors by adding vital amenities such as water and fire features, outdoor living structures, and other hardscape elements. Read More about Landscaping on a Budget Tips >>

6 Stunning Backyard Ideas

Do you have a dull and boring backyard despite of the landscape features that you have recently installed? If yes, you are one of the countless property owners who are also wondering why they can't achieve a great-looking backyard even if they have already spent a lot on its improvement. Read More about 6 Stunning Backyard Ideas >>

Tips For Maintaining Your Lawns

Maintaining a spic and span lawn all year round is a big challenge for most homeowners. They must spend their valuable time on various maintenance tasks such as mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and other vital lawn care tasks. Maintenance cost is also a burden for property owners with large lawns. They must buy special tools and equipment to effectively perform certain tasks or hire people who can work on labor-intensive jobs such as mowing and lawn cleanup. Read More about Tips For Maintaining Your Lawns >>

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