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Insect and Disease Control

Insect Control New Orleans

A landscape’s beauty largely depends on how healthy all the plantings and grass are. When these are healthy, they will look green, lush and fresh. An unhealthy landscape is very easily evident when you notice brown or bare patches on your lawn spaces, shrubs with very few leaves, or even grass that looks lackluster and drab. Keeping all the softscaping on your property healthy at all times is a lot about ensuring that it receives the right kind of nutrition and has a proper watering schedule.

Aside from this, it also important to ensure that the right type of insect and disease control products are used during lawn maintenance. Not only does this help keep the pests and fungal infections at bay, but will also improve the sustainability and longevity all for your plants, shrubs, trees, and lawns.

Custom Designed Landscape Disease Control Plans

It’s important to keep in view that disease and insect control in landscapes is never a onetime job. It requires constant effort and the expertise of experienced landscapers like us.

We at Thrive are an all-service landscaping company catering to clients in and around Metairie, River Ridge, Harahan and Luling. We also have a large number of residential customers in New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville and Madisonville. Properties across Slidell, Gretna and Belle Chasse, as well as the surrounding areas, have benefited from our expert residential landscaping services.

Thrive of Louisiana completed several sustainable, beautiful projects in the years we have served the Greater New Orleans area. We aspire to make your vision for your outdoor living space a reality. Our commitment to quality products and outstanding service is paramount. The hot and humid, long summers and mild winters bring in a fair amount of pests. The summer months a particularly troublesome, as there are a larger number of pest problems to deal with.

Landscape Pest Control

Once a pest infestation has settled in different areas in your landscape, it can become very difficult to treat the plantings and get rid of the problem. One of the best ways to ensure that all your plants, trees and lawns are strong enough to resist these insects and diseases is to get regular landscape disease control plans.

Since every landscape is different and every plant will have specific requirements, we create tailoredpest control solutions for landscapes. Some of the major pests we deal with are fungal diseases and insects. We use organic pesticides in our projects which helps maintain the health of your landscape and doesn’t cause any harm to humans either. In addition to this, we use fungicides and herbicides in our work as required.

Maintaining the Right Disease Control Schedules

The insect and disease control plans that we create are generally implemented in stages during spring, early summer, and the end of summer, fall, and winter. This consistent and regular treatment helps ensure the resilience of the plants and they are better able to fight diseases and infections.

If you want high-quality, customized services, Thrive is the company to call. Feel free to contact us at this number-504-263-3588, or connect with us via this Online Form to send us your requests and queries and we will respond without delay.

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