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Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation, New Orleans LA

If you have got your swimming pool designed and installed by a credible company, the feature can last for many years without any trouble. But the fact is that an outdoor swimming pool is exposed to the UV rays of the sun, climatic changes as well as regular use on most residential properties. Sometimes, even with the right kind of maintenance, the feature can start to look dull and dated, or its surfaces may begin to deteriorate.

In all of these situations, it becomes necessary to consider swimming pool renovation. Not only is it an excellent way to spruce up the look of the feature, but it will also ensure that the pool is safe for use, and last for many more years. If you get pool renovation done on time, it helps maintain the integrity of the main structure, so you do not have to remodel the entire pool or do a complete replacement.

If you have noticed that the plaster on your swimming pool is peeling for there are loose pebble stones and aggregates on the surfaces, it is crucial to call pool renovation experts like us without delay. Leakages, surface texture deterioration, or chipping are other indicators that you may need a pool remodel.

Local Pool Remodeling Company

Renovation generally involves the addition or removal of certain features and structures in your pool. Depending on the condition of the structure, you may need repairs and replacement of some components.

Types of Pool Remodeling and Renovations

We can add various features during a full upgrade project.

  • Sometimes, property owners want to reduce the depth of their swimming pool. They may need this for safety purposes because there are children in their home, or because they do not need a deep pool any longer.
  • We can also help with spa and hot tub additions. These features lend a very luxurious look to the yard and are an excellent way to increase the value of your property, as well. A spa becomes the perfect spot to rejuvenate yourself, and you do not have to head out to any other place for relaxation at the end of a busy week.
  • We can install pool benches towards the shallow end of the pool. The zone can become a great place to relax with a drink while you enjoy the fresh and crisp feeling of water around you.
  • Many property owners like the idea of getting fire features or water features installed in the poolscape. These are common poolscape renovation requests. Whether you want a rock waterfall or a fire trough feature installed along the length of your pool, our expert designers can provide unique solutions. The inclusion of these features creates a well-balanced appearance in the yard spaces.
  • Replacing coping and tiles is also a great way to alter the appearance of the space in a very cost-effective manner. Since there are many different products available on the market today, our team is here to help you with material choices so you can get the perfect ambiance in your swimming pool area.

We are the expert swimming pool designers who know what it takes to create superb features that are a perfect fit for our client's properties. If you need any more information about our services or pool renovation cost, feel free to contact Thrive Landscape Management at this number- 504-263-3588. You can also send us your new swimming pool project details through this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

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