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Louisiana Lawns New Orleans

How healthy Louisiana lawns thrive.

Local lawns present some unique challenges to horticultural experts. A thorough knowledge of the three common turf types (Bermuda, St. Augustine and Centipede) is essential, but it’s only the beginning. Understanding specific characteristics of these grasses - like how they respond to sunlight, specific nutrient requirements and susceptibility to indigenous insects - adds still another dimension. But it is only when we combine these with a deep familiarity of the area’s unique weather that the picture is complete.

Thrive professionals know all too well that growing healthy lawns and ornamental plants depends upon understanding the unique nature of New Orleans metro area weather. In addition to their broad knowledge of all indigenous grasses, each Thrive lawn specialist possesses a deep understanding of the following local weather characteristics:

  • annual rainfall between 60" and 100"
    (applications must be carefully planned)
  • 125 to 175 completely sunny days a year (sunlight is the most essential requirement for the growth of any plant)
  • summer temperatures consistently cause lawns to go into a semi-dormant state and often force them into a dormant state which can influence plant uptake of applied nutrients
  • summer humidity levels put intense disease pressure on lawns which may warrant additional applications
  • ideal breeding conditions for most insects (warm temperatures, high humidity and rainy conditions)
  • winter temperatures are cool enough to force lawns into a dormant state, yet warm enough for winter weeds to germinate

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