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Landscape Design

Landscape Design, New Orleans, LA Everything begins with a design. Your landscape is no different. We know the importance of having a landscape plan before sticking a shovel into the ground. Whether you have need of a commercial landscape design or residential build project, there are many facets and functions that need to be thought out ahead of time.

Thrive Lawns has been designing quality landscape projects for residential and commercial customers throughout greater New Orleans for well over a decade. Our expert landscape designers work with you to craft the most efficient, yet stunning outdoor landscapes, while accommodating all of your wishes and desires.

We also take great pride in designing your landscaping project within your required budget and within your time frame. At Thrive Lawns, no project is too small or too large. Our experienced landscaping installation team will never cut corners and will ensure that your project is executed with intensive care and craftsmanship.

Plus, we only install the highest quality landscaping products and materials on the market, that are designed to last for many years to come. From plants, trees, flowers to dirt, sod and fertilization materials, we thrive on delivering materials that have stood the test of time. The end result equates to a landscape design project you will be proud of.

Landscape Plans on a Budget

A landscape design saves you money. Of course, there is an initial cost in hiring a New Orleans Landscape Architect to design your home landscape project. Without a plan, however, job costs can add up quickly and run over budget because accurate material measurements were not considered ahead of time. If price is a factor for you, then you should definitely get a landscape plan!

One of the greatest benefits of having a landscape plan drawn up for your home is it gives you the ability to phase in a project over several years.

It puts all the ideas out on paper, from beginning to end, and allows you to set financial goals to budget ahead of time for the project.

Professional Landscape Designers

We are the specialists who can bring your landscape to life. We create custom outdoor environments that complement your unique lifestyle and your property's needs and features. We follow creative and artistic processes while creating the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. We can handle landscape design projects of any scale with an approach that is focused on quality, affordability, and sustainability. Professional landscape designer will ensure that your landscapes are well planned and that everything you have dreamed of is turned into your new reality!

Our landscape design process includes on-site consultations, creating concept plans, 3D renderings, construction drawings, garden design, landscape renovation, hardscape design, lighting, and much more. With our extensive years of experience in designing stunning landscapes for residential and commercial clients; we are ready to transform the way your use your landscape setting. It is our goal to add functionality, practicality, aesthetic appeal as well as value to your home or place of business. So, don't hesitate to give us a call today on 504-263-3588 and we will get you started!

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