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Lawn Maintenance Services Metairie, LA

Lawn Treatments Metairie, LA

If you want to keep your lawn looking immaculate all year round, you should be willing to shell out money and probably flex your muscles from time to time. There are simple tasks like cleaning dead leaves that a homeowner like you can do. However, there are lawn maintenance and beautification jobs that you should entrust only to professional landscapers like us at Thrive Landscape Management. We can make your landscape lush and green so you can enjoy staying outdoors with family and friends. Our company has provided value-for-money landscaping services to countless clients all over Metairie, LA and we can surely do the same for you. Call us now and let’s discuss your landscaping needs.

Custom Lawn Treatments for each Client

It’s critical for you to adopt a comprehensive lawn care plan to achieve a truly healthy lawn all though the year. Among the tasks that must be implemented is lawn treatment, which we have the necessary skills to handle. Examples of lawn treatment tasks that we can do for you are mowing, seeding, moss removal, watering, and over-seeding. These lawn treatments will guarantee you a lush lawn that will be resistant to pests, drought, and other hazards. We also have the right tools and equipment for these tasks.

Flowers & Plants Installation and Design

Flowers and plants are essential features of any landscape since they provide the necessary aesthetic boost that outdoor spaces must have. In many cases, they can even offer a therapeutic and relaxing effect to property owners with their sheer beauty. However, it must be noted that flowers and plants have to be carefully selected to ensure that they will provide the best results. Whenever possible, we choose only plants, trees, annuals, and perennials that are native to Metairie, LA to ensure that they will thrive and survive the unique climate of the area.

Our plant experts choose popular native plants and flowers such as Louisiana Phlox, Simpson’s rosinweed, azaleas, Ann Chowning Louisiana Iris, Ashy Sunflower, and many others. Our company can also provide native trees such as oaks, (laurel, swamp chestnut, water, and the like), bald cypress, dogwood, maple, and others. We can source all your desired plantings since we have partnerships with the state’s finest nurseries. Many of our clients in Metairie, LA praise the way we plant their desired greens since we have expert people to handle this specific task.

Seasonal Landscaping Services

There is no other landscaping company in Metairie, LA that can match our skills when it comes to seasonal landscaping. We can keep your landscape stunning, lush and green all year round with the help of our professional landscapers. As it is, having a landscape plan for every season is important to keep your outdoors great-looking and healthy no matter the season. You can ask us to create themes for specific seasons or we can recommend the right ones based on your needs. Aside from merely recommending and crafting plans, we can also take care of all the maintenance needs of your lawn and landscape for each season. In short, you only need us to take care of all your seasonal landscaping concerns.

Call us today at (504) 263-3588 to learn more about our affordable landscaping services no matter where you may be in Metairie, LA.

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