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Flowers & Plants

Flowers & Plants New Orleans, LA

From plant selection to installation and maintenance, you can rely on the expertise of Thrive Landscape Management. We've been serving the Greater New Orleans area for years so we know the needs of our target clients. As a home-grown landscaping company, we understand the local trends in the areas we serve and the preferences of our residential and commercial clients. We also sit down with clients to get their ideas and understand further the kind of landscape they want to achieve. These are just some of the reasons why we can easily come up with highly personalized garden setups.

You, too, can have your dream garden or landscaping by getting our professional services. We don't just source your needed flowers and plants from reputable nurseries in the state but also use our creativity to ensure the proper placement of each softscape element in the landscaped property. The result of this approach is always amazing. All of our past clients were amazed at how we transform bland outdoor spaces into beautiful landscapes.

Beautiful Softscapes Guaranteed

The beautiful gardens and landscapes that we have created for clients are proofs of our unquestionable expertise in this particular area. We are composed of professional landscapers with deep understanding of the different characteristics of flowers and plants. Our horticulturist knows the best plant species to install for specific garden type. Our creative people will use various landscaping techniques to highlight the beauty of these softscape elements. As much as possible, we use native plantings to help clients save on maintenance cost.

Great Choices of Flowers and Plants

At Thrive Landscape Management, we can provide all your needed softscape materials. We get our flowers and plants from reputable nurseries so you are assured of healthy and properly grown plantings. We can realize your dream garden by installing these types of plantings:

  • Annuals. If you want a flower garden that blooms all year round, you should have a lot of annuals in your garden. Some of the annuals that we recommended to our clients are angelonia, chrysanthemum, dahlia, marigold, geranium, zinnia, impatiens, cornflower, begonia, petunia, snapdragon, sweet alyssum, and pansy.

  • Perennials. Your garden setup will be more inviting with the addition of easy to maintain perennials. These plants offer a subtle charm and let you enjoy a relaxing outdoor ambiance because of their fragrant flowers and unusual foliage. Some of the perennials that you should consider are aster, daylily, delphinium, hydrangea, peony, phlox, speedwell, lavender, and deadnettle.

  • Trees. It is vital to choose the right tree species for your landscape. Trees can provide shade, improve privacy, serve as windbreakers, and even be used for decorative purposes. But when planted in the wrong place, they can become safety risks and eye sores in the garden area. But this scenario won’t happen if you have us. Dogwood, sugar maple, Eastern redbud, arborvitae, red oak, American holly, magnolia, and apple trees are just some of the common tree varieties that we consider for your landscape. We are also the right people to contact for other tree care jobs such as pruning, trimming, and disease control.

  • Turf. Your lawn can be the perfect spot for outdoor activities and family bonding. However, it is important to choose the right grass variety to maximize the functionality of your lawn area. The popular grass varieties include Bermuda, Bahia, Kentucky bluegrass, Centipede, fescue, ryegrass, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. Talk to us so we can recommend the most appropriate grass type for your lawn. We can also perform overseeding on existing lawns.

Themed Landscape Setups and More…

Please call (504) 263-3588 or visit us today so we can discuss the different plantings for your garden or landscaping. You can suggest your desired flowers and plants or choose from our extensive listing of various plant species. Whether you aim for a simple flower garden or a themed landscape setup, we can always create one for you. Don’t worry if you have a limited budget since we have client-friendly rates for all our services.

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