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Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance In Biloxi MS

Landscaping, Biloxi, MS There is landscaping service and then there is Thrive landscaping service. In Biloxi, Mississippi, there is no comparison between the landscaping services offered by the professionals at Thrive Landscape Management and any other service. Our services cover all phases of your project – from planning to design to installation to maintenance and everything in between. During the process, we keep your vision, ideas, desires, and needs in mind.

Landscape Design

We take pride in having the experience, expertise, and resources required to successfully transform our clients’ vision and ideas into the landscape design of their dreams. Our experience allows us to achieve this while staying within the budget and time limitations of our clients. No landscaping project is too big or too small for us. There is no concept of cutting corners when a project moves over to our landscape installation team.

We provide different types of landscape design services including:

  • Residential landscape design
  • Commercial landscape design
  • New landscape development planning

We will develop a customized plan to address your unique needs, whether you prefer a low-maintenance design with a limited budget or an elaborate gardenesque landscape. The main steps involved in a landscaping design project include:

  • Consultation: A meeting with our planners and designers to learn about your requirements and discuss how to bring your ideas to life.
  • Design: We will deliver a custom plan designed to meet your landscaping needs and preferences. You will see your ideas and vision come to life.

    Landscape Installation

    We know from experience that clients don't want to deal with multiple contractors when they want to install a new landscape or renovate the existing landscape. Our comprehensive landscaping services include landscape installation services covering all aspects of your project.

    Our landscaping design team works with our installation team. This means each aspect of your project is coordinated with your designated project manager. This ensures that every task gets completed as per the customized project design/plan while meeting industry standards. Our team comprises:

    • Horticulturists
    • Agronomists
    • Licensed irrigation experts
    • Certified pest control experts
    Our experts have knowledge of local conditions, which enables us to design and install landscapes that thrive in the region.

    Whether you want to create a new landscape or feature or re-plan a few beds, we can help. We design and install hundreds of landscapes every year. Every project gets our total attention, and we employ both our landscaping expertise and creativity to exceed our clients’ expectations.

    Landscape Maintenance

    Your landscape deserves all the care and pampering it requires to stay healthy, beautiful, colorful, and lively. It is important to ensure the plantings get pruned and trimmed on time, treated for diseases, and the nutrients in the soil are replenished. At Thrive Landscape, we provide comprehensive landscape maintenance services including the following:

    • Annuals replacement
    • Trimming & pruning
    • Lawn mowing & edging
    • Tree care program
    • Seeding/overseeding
    • Soil treatments
    • Fertilization & mulch application
    • Weed/pest control & disease treatment
    • Flower & shrub planting
    • Irrigation maintenance
    And more. Whether you have a newly installed landscape or a long-established landscape, we can maintain its natural elegance and vitality. Landscaping needs to be maintained and cared for, or else it can grow wild. Scheduled maintenance services by our team help keep your landscape looking and staying healthy and beautiful. Every time we visit, we will inspect your landscape and inform you about its condition and any need for special measures.

    We offer our services throughout Biloxi, MS, and the surrounding areas. For more information about our services, you can call us at 504-263-3588 or send us a message.

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