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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance New Orleans, LA

We are also your best choice if you are tired of getting subpar services from your current maintenance contractor. At Thrive, you are always assured of outstanding results since you are hiring competent and reliable people. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who are well-trained in various landscape maintenance tasks. Hire us to take care of your lawn and you will get a spic and span lawn all year round. You will surely enjoy a stunningly beautiful landscaping if you will try our comprehensive landscape maintenance program. Achieving your dream landscape setting is always possible if you have people from Thrive.

Please contact us today at (504) 263-3588 so we can discuss the specific needs of your landscape. An on-site visit is also necessary to assess the maintenance requirements of your landscape. There are important factors we consider when creating landscape maintenance plans. We take note of the existing features in the backyard and other vital elements such as the softscaping, hardscapes, water features, fire elements, and outdoor living amenities. The good thing is that we don’t charge clients for the initial consultation. We will do the assessment for free and even provide you a detailed maintenance program for your landscaped property.

Well-experienced Landscape Maintenance Company

There are a large number of landscaping companies operating in Louisiana and most of these companies also offer landscape maintenance services. Some of them are owned by big companies with large service area and extensive network of subcontractors. Now, you may ask: why we should choose Thrive to work on our landscape's maintenance needs? Can we rely on their expertise? We admit that competition is tough in this particular industry. However, we still stand out from the rest because of our highly personalized services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so we never consider any maintenance task done if our client is not satisfied with the results of our work. Second, we employ the best people in the industry. Our maintenance crews are not only well-trained but also courteous and hardworking professionals. They work systematically to ensure the smooth completion of every maintenance task. As a homegrown company, we know the needs of our clients and understand the maintenance requirements of landscapes in Harvey and other areas we serve.

Our Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Program

All kinds of landscapes, whether residential or commercial, should get all the pampering they need to stay healthy and vibrant. The plantings should be trimmed and pruned regularly, treated for diseases and infestations, and most importantly, get the right nutrients at the right time. The lawn must be mown at regular intervals to attain robust and healthy grasses. These are just some of the things you need to do to maintain the beauty and functionality of your landscaping. Doing some of these may be an enjoyable task, but it is still best to give them to knowledgeable and well-experienced people like the ones we have at Thrive.

Our company is more than capable to work on any kind of landscape maintenance job. From mowing lawns to performing complex maintenance tasks, we always guarantee outstanding outcomes. We take the burden off your shoulders by doing all the hard work and other technical tasks that only licensed and properly trained professional can do. We have horticulturists, pesticide applicators, plant experts, as well as maintenance crews who can maintain hardscapes, water features, irrigation, and other vital landscape elements.

Our comprehensive landscape maintenance program may include any or all of these tasks:

You can enjoy all our premium services by availing our yearly landscape maintenance contract. Contact us for more details.

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