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What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a vegetative planting process, that utilizes a mixture of specially processed mulch(s), seed, and water. This hydroseed mixture is applied using a specially designed piece of equipment, called a Hydroseeder. Our organic fertilizer can be blended with the hydro-mulch mixture, representing the most effective and economical biological approach to turf establishment.

Why Hydroseed?

Hydroseeding offers a wide array of benefits. Some key advantages of hydroseeding are moisture retention, erosion control, and offers a cost-effective alternative to laying sod. The hydroseed application forms a mulch blanket. This blanket aids in water retention and soil erosion.

What is hydroseeding used for?

Hydroseeding is a fast and affordable way to install or repair damaged turf areas in your lawn, on sports fields, levees, new commercial building sites, or even along roadsides. The ability to custom blend grass seed for virtually any application, allows us the ability to match the surroundings and meet your objectives. Hydroseeding is becoming more and more popular, as more home owners, contractors, and government agencies come to realize the benefits of hydroseeding.

Thrive Professionals are highly experienced in creating the ultimate hydroseeding mixture and understand the benefits of hydroseeding. Our Thrive professionals have mastered the growth rate down to a science. Choosing Thrive means your growth rate shows in a little as one week as opposed to the traditional hydroseeding methods that produce growth in 3-4 weeks.

No job is too big or small for Thrive. Our professional technicians can help you to understand the complete benefits of this cost-effective non-traditional alternative to laying sod.

Call today for a free on-site consultation with a Thrive professional.

What is the cost of hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is priced either by the square foot or by the acre.
You will find that hydro-seed runs about half to a third the cost of sod, more comparable to the price of conventional seed/straw/tac methods.

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