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Native Plant Favorites

Here at Thrive, we believe in using native plants whenever possible. Native plants are naturally adapted to our climate, therefore, being disease and insect resistant. In short, they thrive in our area, however, we also understand that we cannot always achieve the beautiful look that our customers desire with native plants alone. Here are some of our favorites that also thrive in our unique Louisiana climate.

Carefully Selected Native Plants

Our seasoned landscapers will carefully select the plant varieties that will be installed on your garden or landscaping. We also consider other important factors such as the size of your landscape, the specific garden theme that you desire, the existing hardscapes and water features, and other landscape elements. We also take note of your home's architecture when choosing native plantings for your landscape. The plant species that we usually recommend include annuals, perennials, and groundcovers. Trees and evergreens are also great additions to your landscaping. They are among our native plant favorites since they can add color and create a more cohesive landscape setting. You can also use these plantings to improve privacy in your property, provide shade in certain areas, and serve as effective windbreakers. Our plantings are all sourced from reputable nurseries in Louisiana, so you will get locally grown native and non-native plants. Since they are handpicked from the source, you are assured of healthy and disease-free plantings.

Beautiful Landscape Settings Guaranteed

Our ability to create beautiful and personalized landscape settings is one of our strengths as professional landscapers in LA. We can create a landscape setup that changes color every season or flower gardens that bloom all year round. Our themed gardens are not only stunningly beautiful but also easy to maintain. The flower beds are installed in their perfect spots and designed by our plant experts to facilitate plant growth. We also make sure that the irrigation requirements of your plantings will be very minimal. Native plants won't require expensive upkeep and can grow healthy and lush with minimal maintenance effort. We want you to become one of our highly satisfied clients from Greater New Orleans. Our all-time native plant favorites are listed above but we can also procure plantings that are not in our list. Just tell us your ideal garden setups and we will realize them for you at client-friendly rates. Call Thrive Landscape Management now at (504) 263-3588.

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Thrive Favorites
Aztec Grass (Non Native)
Thrive Favorites
Blue Daze (Non Native
Thrive Favorites
Canna Lilly (Non Native)
Thrive Favorites
Canna Lilly Mix
Thrive Favorites
Dwarf Gardenia (Non Native)
Thrive Favorites
Dwarf Gardenia
Thrive Favorites
Dwarf Varigated Pittosporum (Non Native)
Thrive Favorites
Emerald Snow Loropetalum (Non Native)
Thrive Favorites
Emerald Snow

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