Lawn Treatments

Every lawn is unique, and as a result, no two Thrive treatment programs are exactly alike.
However, when considering a lawn’s overall needs and general application schedules, there are some basic categories into which most lawn treatments may be placed.

Whether you require a one-time treatment or annual treatment/spray program, our Thrive professionals are here to analize, diagnose, and prescribea program that will suit your needs.
Thrive programs include:

Lawn & Bed Fertilization

A comprehensive soil analysis precedes carefully prescribed fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide programs; each carefully monitored to help lawns thrive. Read More About Lawn & Bed Fertilization >>

Weed Control

Professionally administered herbicide programs are designed to keep weeds under control. Read More About Weed Control >>

Insect/Disease Control

When weeds aren’t an issue, this focused program pinpoints the specific treatment and time of year for maximum results. Read More About Insect/Disease Control >>

Thrive Growth Regulator Program

An annual spray program that reduces the number of annual mowings & trimmings required. Read More About Thrive Growth Regulator Program >>

Schedule a free Thrive Lawn & Garden Analysis today.
Each free examination begins when a Thrive professional conducts an on the property assessment. After a thorough analysis of the property's overall health, our profssionals will then prescribe a treatment program designed to yield healthy lawns and gardens that are sure to thrive.

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