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Lawn Treatments

Every lawn is unique, and as a result, no two Thrive treatment programs are exactly alike.
However, when considering a lawn’s overall needs and general application schedules, there are some basic categories into which most lawn treatments may be placed.

Whether you require a one-time treatment or annual treatment/spray program, our Thrive professionals are here to analize, diagnose, and prescribea program that will suit your needs.
Thrive programs include:

Lawn & Bed Fertilization

A comprehensive soil analysis precedes carefully prescribed fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide programs; each carefully monitored to help lawns thrive. Read More About Lawn & Bed Fertilization >>

Weed Control

Professionally administered herbicide programs are designed to keep weeds under control. Read More About Weed Control >>

Insect/Disease Control

When weeds aren’t an issue, this focused program pinpoints the specific treatment and time of year for maximum results. Read More About Insect/Disease Control >>

Thrive Growth Regulator Program

An annual spray program that reduces the number of annual mowings & trimmings required. Read More About Thrive Growth Regulator Program >>

Schedule a free Thrive Lawn & Garden Analysis today.
Each free examination begins when a Thrive professional conducts an on the property assessment. After a thorough analysis of the property's overall health, our profssionals will then prescribe a treatment program designed to yield healthy lawns and gardens that are sure to thrive.

Certified Lawn Care Personnel

At Thrive Landscape Management, we have a team of seasoned lawn care specialists who can work on all kinds of lawn care tasks. Each member of our team specializes in specific area of lawn care and maintenance so your lawn's maintenance needs are properly taken care of. For example, insect and weed control tasks are only handled by our certified herbicide/pesticide applicators. Your lawn will get the right nutrients and nourishment since the fertilization plan is handled by an expert lawn care professional. All lawn treatments are performed according to industry's standards to achieve positive results. As mentioned, we conduct a thorough analysis of your lawn to determine its current health condition. Our onsite visit will not only involve ocular inspection but also include technical analysis of vital elements in your lawn or garden. Our usual analysis includes determining the soil's ph level and composition, the effectiveness of your irrigation system, and the health condition of your turf. We consider the topography of your lawn since it can affect the effectiveness of our treatment program. We also take note of the other landscape elements in your property.

Effective Lawn Treatment Programs

Our company is known in the greater New Orleans area for our effective lawn treatment programs. We can easily rejuvenate your lawn with our personalized approach to lawn care and maintenance. At Thrive, we always take note of the peculiar needs of each lawn that we maintain. This approach helps us create effective lawn treatments for our valued clients. You can hire us to do a one-time treatment job or allow us to handle all the maintenance needs of your lawn. From fertilizing and implementing weed control measures to eliminating lawn pests and insects, we can do these tasks efficiently.

We attribute the effectiveness of our lawn treatments to our decades of experience in the industry. We have already handled various lawn issues and provided effective solutions to such issues and problems. We tackle each lawn problem systematically by adopting proven lawn care methods and techniques, using specialized tools and equipment, and using eco-friendly materials and supplies. Our complete tools inventory helps us facilitate the completion of each task. These resources improve our capability to efficiently handle all the maintenance needs of residential and commercial properties in Louisiana. If you haven't tried our services, please call us today at (504) 263-3588. With us, you are assured of a cost-effective lawn treatment program.

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