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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting New Orleans

Lighting is a vital installation in any type of landscape. It improves safety in the area and highlights the beauty of certain landscape features and amenities. A well-planned lighting setup will also improve the functionality of the entire outdoor space. Moreover, activities during nighttime will be more enjoyable when the outdoor area is well-illuminated. If you are not getting these wonderful benefits, it's time for you to consider a professionally-designed lighting system for your landscape. And don’t just choose anyone to work on this project. We are the best company to hire for this kind of project is Thrive. We are among Louisiana's most trusted landscape lighting installers and we have a long list of highly satisfied clients to back up our claim. The large number of lighting installation projects that we have completed across the state are also proofs of our expertise in this field.

Certified Landscape Lighting Installers

At Thrive, we only hire certified lighting installers with lengthy experience in landscape lighting installation. This is part of our commitment to provide our valued Louisiana clients with reliable and top-quality services. When you hire us, you will be assured of safe and dependable outdoor lighting system. Our installers will also ensure that each lighting component is installed according to approved specifications. We do not use substandard materials and installation techniques that do not conform to international standards. Our suppliers were carefully selected so our clients will get the finest materials and supplies.

As well-experienced installers, we know how to work efficiently on any landscape lighting project. We keep ourselves updated on the latest regulations and installation techniques so you won't have to worry about violating local laws. Delays in the installation will never happen since we come to your place fully-equipped with the right tools and equipment. All the lighting materials will be ready once we commence with the installation phase. Our installation team will work systematically to complete the job on time.

Custom Landscape Lighting Designs

Our company is known for our creative lighting setups and highly customized lighting designs. We use various lighting techniques to highlight the beauty of all the landscape elements. We will make sure that your landscape will look stunningly beautiful at night by placing the lights in the right spots. For example, we may install special type of lighting on your water features to create enchanting and relaxing spots in your outdoors. Your walkways, entryways, and garden steps will be properly illuminated so trip-and-fall accidents will never happen again. Other areas that require appropriate lighting includes the patio, outdoor kitchen, sitting areas, gazebos, pool decks, driveways, and trees. We can also create lighting designs based on certain themes or styles.

Thrive can also design modern landscape lighting systems that effectively reduce your monthly electric bill. We highly recommend the use of low voltage lighting and LED bulbs for those who want to save on their utility expenses. This lighting system is safer, eco-friendly, and durable compared to traditional lighting. Solar lighting is also a great option for your landscape.

Some of the lighting techniques that we recommend to our clients include:

  • Uplighting
  • Spot lighting
  • Silhouetting
  • Moonlighting
  • Grazing
  • Wall washing
  • Underwater lighting

Reliable Landscape Lighting Setups

Every landscape lighting project should be well-planned and handled by certified technicians or contractors. Doing the task in a DIY manner is not recommended since it involves technical expertise and requires a deep understanding of various landscaping concepts. You have to consider a lot of factors such as the reliability and efficiency of the lighting system. For example, faulty wiring may damage bulbs and other lighting components. Another possible issue is poor illumination of important areas in the landscape. These problems can be avoided by hiring professionals like us. At Thrive, we have seasoned technicians with extensive experience in residential and commercial landscape lighting installation. With us, the reliability of your lighting system is always guaranteed. Contact us now.

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