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Irrigation New Orleans

Irrigation is a highly specialized profession. Thrive Landscape Management provides top notch irrigation services for residential and commercial applications throughout New Orleans and surrounding cities. Our highly experienced landscaping professionals can assist you with irrigation planning, design and installation along with cost-effective repair services.

In order to ensure your irrigation system works properly and lasts for a long time, it is important to install the most reliable and proven irrigation products on the market. Thrive only installs products that have stood the test of time. These include Rainbird and Toro sprinkler systems, timers, valves and irrigation management equipment.

Within Thrive Lawn Care, we use highly efficient designs and equipment to allow users to maintain a healthy lawn without using large amounts of water. We use smart controllers, sensors, drip lines in flowers beds, low water spray heads and rotors. We work with the Irrigation Association ( and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Sense Program, to provide superior water conservation. Watering lawns has become a true science, in the 21st century.

Thrive uses a multi-step approach to determine your irrigation needs, utilizing site surveys, cost requirements, permit issues, and turf requirements. A water conscience, cost saving, easy to use system, can be yours. In trust your irrigation needs in our professionals today and watch your lawn thrive.

Seasoned Irrigation Installers in New Orleans

Do you want a highly-efficient irrigation for your lawn or landscaping? Call us today and we'll help you create one that will effectively nourish all the softscape elements in your backyard. Our company only employs seasoned irrigation installers so you are hiring the best people for your project. They can install all kinds of landscape irrigation systems such as sprinklers, drip/micro, sub-surface and surface irrigation. You can also hire us to design and install an automated watering system for your lawn and landscape. Our lengthy experience in this industry is one of the main reasons why a lot of property owners trust in our services. We are not a Fortune 500 company but our service offerings are at par with large companies in the state. Our irrigation designs are proven water-efficient and reliable. We carefully determine the number and location of each zone, the type of sprinkler head to use, and the quality of the materials used in the project.

Best Priced Irrigation Repair and Maintenance

Do you wonder why there is a sudden increase in your water consumption? Do you have plantings that wither or a disease-prone lawn? The common cause of these problems is a defective irrigation system. A malfunctioning irrigation is a major concern since it can damage your landscaping, outdoor features, and other structures in your property. Here at Thrive Landscape Management, we have expert repair technicians who can work on all kinds of irrigation problems in residential and commercial properties. Our repair team is composed of certified technicians so you are assured that every job is performed promptly and correctly. We equip them with modern tools and equipment to ensure the smooth completion of any repair work. Our primary objective is to give you outright solutions to identified irrigation problems. You will have a more reliable watering system since we will also perform a comprehensive audit of your entire system. This way, possible problems are rectified before they become a major nightmare for property owners.

We also offer preventive irrigation maintenance program for residential and commercial clients from the Greater New Orleans area. Our custom maintenance program will help prevent costly repairs and unnecessary breakdowns since possible issues are corrected before they become worst. Water leaks, low water pressure, defective nozzles, clogged sprinkler heads, and burst pipes are just some of the irrigation issues that we can solve here at Thrive Landscape Management. We use modern diagnostic tools to identify leaks and other issues in your irrigation system. If you are a homeowner or a business owner, the best option for you is to try our comprehensive maintenance program.

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