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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance New Orleans

Thrive offers detailed lawn maintenance as an extended service to our customers and those looking for a little help with their lawn. Landscape maintenance is much more than grass cutting and weeding - it is the process of giving your garden and outdoor living area a fresh new look! We will maintain your outdoor areas by replacing or removing storm damaged plants and trees, pruning to reshape plants and encourage new growth, thinning out overgrown areas, replacing old annuals, solving problem growth areas due to poor lighting or drainage, and servicing your lawn.

Thrive offers affordable lawn care and landscape maintenance options for commercial and residential properties. Serving the Greater New Orleans area -Thrive is eager to maintain and service your landscape and lawn.

Lawn Care Services & Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Experts

Our company is one of the most sought-after lawn maintenance service providers in the state. Homeowners and commercial property owners in New Orleans and surrounding areas prefer us due to our highly personalized services. At Thrive Landscape Management, we understand the distinct needs of every lawn or landscape so we don't offer a one-size-fits-all maintenance package. Our maintenance team will assess the specific needs of every softscape element in your landscape – from turf and ground covers to flower gardens and trees. This approach helps us create an effective maintenance program that is not only cost-effective but also results-oriented. Our thorough assessment usually includes soil testing, plant disease identification, irrigation system efficiency test, weed and pest control measures, and performing scientific procedures to determine your planting's overall health condition. Once we're done gathering the necessary information, we then recommend proven solutions and detailed action plans that will address your landscape's care and maintenance needs.

Your lawn and other landscape features will be in good hands if you will hire professionals like us. As lawn maintenance experts, we have the required resources and skilled people who can expertly perform technical tasks. Aside from our in-house horticulturists, we can also provide you with licensed arborists, and other highly skilled professionals. We also use modern landscaping tools and equipment to achieve reliable and positive results. Our list of maintenance equipment includes riding mowers, power saws, pruning shears, loopers, cutters, vacuums, edgers, and other simple tools to take good care of your turf and plantings.

Our Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority here at Thrive Landscape Management. Our aim is to become a one-stop-shop for all kinds of clients in the Greater New Orleans area. Residential and commercial property owners can have the best-looking lawn in their neighborhood or enjoy lush and vibrant scenery all year round with our professional help. It is easy for us to achieve this kind of result because of our comprehensive lawn maintenance service. Some of the tasks that we may recommend and perform are mowing, trimming and pruning, disease control and treatment, fertilizing, irrigation improvement, aerating and dethatching, and other vital tasks to maintain the beauty of your lawn and landscaping. Moreover, you can have this kind of landscape setup without spending too much on maintenance. You will be charged reasonable rates but still get a well-maintained lawn or landscaping. Dial (504) 263-3588 now or drop by at our Harvey, LA office to personally discus your lawn’s maintenance needs.

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