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Seasonal Landscaping

Seasonal Landscaping New Orleans, LA

Are you dreaming of a landscape that changes color every season? How about a landscaping setup that blooms all year round? Do you want a lush landscaping with well-maintained features and amenities? You can achieve all these by hiring expert landscapers like us at Thrive Landscape Management. We offer seasonal landscaping services for those who want to achieve a one-of-a-kind but extremely gorgeous landscaped property. We have been providing this kind of service for years so we are highly efficient when performing season-specific landscaping tasks. We can prepare your landscape for the summer or winter season by implementing the right maintenance program. You can't resist the festive scent of our winter-flowering plants or the vibrant colors of our flower gardens when springtime comes. These settings are all carefully thought-out to achieve our client's desired landscape theme or outdoor ambiance.

Seasonal Landscaping Services in LA

We are the right company to hire if you are looking for a company that can offer reliable seasonal landscaping services. We are not only licensed but also composed of landscaping professionals with decades of experience in the industry. Our people can perform all kinds of landscaping tasks - from design and installation to performing various maintenance tasks. And when it comes to seasonal landscaping, we are leading the competition. There are hundreds of landscapers in LA but only a handful can work on a landscape setting that can thrive and bloom when the season changes. If your previous landscapers failed in this aspect, it's time to get a trusted company that has the capability, resources, and most importantly, creative prowess. It is also recommended to hire a home-grown landscape company since it has a deep understanding of the local culture, knows the topography of most properties in the area, and the required resources to perform various seasonal landscaping tasks.

You won't go wrong hiring a local landscaping firm like us at Thrive Landscape Management. For one, you will be assured of the wonderful benefits of a well-designed and maintained landscaped property. We may also recommend other vital tasks that will add beauty and function to your landscape.

Seasonal Landscaping Packages

Customer satisfaction is on top of our priority so we ensure that every maintenance package that we offer will perfectly suit the needs and requirements of our clients. Since we will be focusing our efforts on the nature and character of every season, most of the seasonal landscaping tasks that we do or the action plan that we typically recommend creates major changes in the landscape. Some of the changes may include planting new annuals, shrubs, and ground covers to achieve your desired color or ambiance. You may opt for a single-colored garden setup or choose a multi-colored garden with different plant varieties.

We can also prevent potential damage to your gardens and other landscape elements by doing preventative maintenance works such as pest control, aeration, fertilization, mulching, disease control, and seasonal clean-up.

Some of the season-specific tasks that we do here at Thrive Landscape Management are listed below:

  • lawn mowing
  • fertilization
  • aeration and overseeding
  • weed control
  • plant installation
  • spring cleanup

Affordable Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

At Thrive Landscape Management, you will be surprised at how we price our services. Our competitive rate for seasonal landscaping maintenance is well within our client's budget. You can also save on maintenance cost by hiring us today. The typical landscape maintenance package that we offer covers all elements in your landscaping. We will take good care of the lawn, flower gardens, water features, trees, ground covers, topiaries, and hardscape features. The tasks may involve mowing, pruning, replanting, fertilizing, clean-up, and other specialized tasks. Every maintenance task is performed meticulously to achieve your dream landscape setting for a particular season.

Call us at (504) 263-3588 or visit us at our Harvey, LA office so we can discuss the specific needs of your landscape every season. Whether its summer time or the start of the winter season, you can always rely on the premium seasonal landscaping services of Thrive Landscape Management.

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