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6 Stunning Backyard Ideas

Backyard Ideas New Orleans, LA

For most homeowners, making an outdoor space more functional and attractive is an easy job that can be done in DIY way. They don't realize that all kinds of backyard improvements require careful assessment and planning. They must consider a lot of factors to ensure the success of the outdoor improvement project. A well-thought-out plan is always necessary regardless of the size and location of the property. It is also best to consult landscaping professionals or outdoor living specialists since they have the knowledge and experience. Some of them even offer tips on how to easily create a one-of-a-kind backyard. In addition, a lot of landscape-related sites provide 6 stunning backyard ideas that you may consider for your property.

6 Stunning Backyard Ideas for DIY Homeowners

Creating your dream backyard will be an easy job if you know the right features and amenities to install. You must also consider other important factors such as the budget for the installation and the maintenance requirements of the outdoor amenities. Don't forget that your backyard features require proper care and maintenance. You must spend time and money to maintain its beauty and function. As mentioned, you can achieve an awesome backyard by creating a comprehensive plan. You can ask some professionals to help you craft the plan or do it the DIY-way. Searching the net for ideas and sample projects will make your job easier. And don't forget to get these ideas from landscaping professionals like us.

Please take a look at these 6 stunning backyard ideas:

Install a Wooden Pergola

You can instantly create a new outdoor living space in your backyard by installing a wooden pergola. This structure is best installed in the garden area or as an added feature in your patio or pool deck. You don't have to worry about the installation cost since there are affordable pergola kits in the market today. Most of these kits are designed for DIY property owners, so installation is typically completed within the day. A pergola is a great add-on to your backyard since it will improve its functionality and aesthetics. It is also a durable structure so maintenance will not be an issue.

Add Gorgeous Water Features

Certain water features can transform your backyard into a nature-like outdoor environment. Water element is a vital component of every landscaping. This feature is not only installed for its aesthetic appeal but also for its therapeutic benefits. If you want a place in your backyard where you can relax after a tiring day at work, install some water features. Waterfalls, fountains, and ponds, are excellent choices since they can be installed in a DIY way. You may also consider adding a bird bath, a pondless waterfall, or an artificial stream. You just have to find the perfect spots for these water elements to enjoy their benefits.

Create a Zen-Style Garden

Do you want to have a unique ambiance in your backyard? Why not create a Zen-style garden? This Japanese-inspired garden brings serenity and nature to your backyard. The artistic use of sand, pebbles, rocks, stone, and plants creates a perfect place where you can meditate and relax. Since this is an example of a rock garden or dry landscape setup, it is inexpensive to maintain. You will surely love this garden once it is completed. Among the 6 stunning backyard ideas that we recommend, the Zen-style garden is the most interesting feature because of its concept and meticulous installation.

Trellises for Your Vines and More

Another excellent addition to your backyard is a trellis. A wood trellis is a latticed structure that supports different types of plants and used as a decorative element in a landscape. Trellises are also used as privacy screens and installed to create breaks between different areas in a garden. This element is an inexpensive addition to your backyard, so get one now and install it in its perfect spot.

Install Shade Structures

You need these outdoor features if you want to make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable. They serve as your protection from the elements especially from the scorching heat of the sun. Shade structures are best installed on your patio, deck, outdoor kitchens, and other spots in your backyard where shade is badly needed. You may opt for permanent shade structures or choose those that can be easily installed or removed. Adding a large outdoor umbrella on your deck or patio is a great idea. Sail shade is also a popular option.

Personalized Outdoor Kitchen

The backyard is always a perfect place for outdoor activities and family bonding. But creating memorable memories won't be possible if the backyard doesn't have important amenities such as an outdoor kitchen. With this feature, you can now prepare your favorite BBQ's and try your special menu while enjoying the outdoor ambiance. Family get-togethers will be more fun and exciting with delicious food being served. The great thing about this amenity is design flexibility. You can choose the kitchen design that will suit your taste and lifestyle. You can also pick specific features to add like oven, rotisserie, and grills. If you are on a tight budget, just go for a simple but personalized outdoor kitchen.

Budget-friendly Backyard Ideas

Installation cost should not hinder you to proceed with your backyard improvement project. There are a lot of backyard add-ons that won't require a huge budget but still transform it into a stunning outdoor space. Just go back to our 6 stunning backyard ideas and you will notice that our recommended features are all budget-friendly and easy to maintain. Do-it-yourself homeowners like you can easily complete each project without draining your pockets. If you need help in installing and designing these backyard amenities, just call Thrive Landscape Management at 504-263-3588. We have been helping Louisiana homeowners achieve functional and stunning backyards at reasonable costs.

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