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What Are The Best Lawn Treatments?

Lawn Treatments, New Orleans, LA

We, at Thrive Landscape Management, are quite experienced at delivering lawn care services. With our professional expertise, we would help to keep your lawn in the best shape all the year round. We offer a wide range of lawn treatments to cater to our clients. Some of the key ones among them are:

Lawn Aeration

Thatch is likely to build up in your lawn over time. It is basically a layer of dead and living organic matter that lies between the soil and the green vegetation. While thatch is helpful and provides the vegetation with protection against soil moisture fluctuations and extreme temperatures, too much thatch can be harmful. An excess build-up of thatch would prevent the soil from breathing, by blocking oxygen from reaching the turf roots. Aeration involves poking holes in the soil and removing excess thatch to ensure that the roots can breathe properly.

Lawn Fertilization

An individual who possesses even the basic knowledge of gardening or agriculture would know that fertilization is necessary for vegetation to thrive well. Fertilizing your lawn at regular intervals helps to replenish the nutrients that gradually exhaust over time. Our specialists would carefully examine your lawn and the type of grass or plants on it. Accordingly, they would use the fertilizers that are the most suitable for your lawn.

Lawn Weed Control

Weed is essentially one of the biggest headaches for homeowners trying to maintain a beautiful lawn. They not only hamper the beauty of your outdoor space, but also sap nutrition from the soil and can potentially kill the grass. We have a team of weed control experts who would get rid of the weed in your lawn and prevent them from growing, without degrading the soil quality. We use eco-friendly weed control products which would not have adverse effects on your lawn.

Insect/Disease Control

Maintaining a beautiful lawn involves keeping your vegetation in a healthy state. You would want to protect your lush green turf from diseases and pests. Brown patches can quickly grow in pest-infested lawns, which is something you would want to avoid. Our insect and disease control services would help to keep your lawn safe from pests and fungal infections. Moreover, it also increases the longevity and sustainability of the plants and trees. Hiring these services timely would save you the trouble of having to deal with a lawn full of dead vegetation.

Irrigation & Sprinklers

Irrigation is another key component of lawn care. You would want to install the best available irrigation system within your budget to maintain the lush greenery of your lawn. We can provide you with sprinklers that are highly efficient and effective. Apart from our installation services, you may also hire us for maintenance or repairs in case a sprinkler leaks or shows other problems over time. The right sprinkler system would help you keep your lawn well-irrigated in a hassle-free manner.

Investing in quality lawn treatment services can really pay off, helping you maintain a healthy and lush green garden. Considering our track record and reputation in this field, you may hire Thrive Landscape Management without any worries.
If you have any queries or wish to hire us, you may call us at 504-263-3588 or fill up this form and we would be happy to help you.

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