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Tips For Maintaining Your Lawns

Lawn Maintenance New Orleans, LA

Hiring lawn care experts is the best way to guarantee your lawns will look great all year round; since they know how to work efficiently and accurately. They also use appropriate tools to ensure fast completion of the job. A professionally-maintained lawn will always look neat and attractive. But it is also possible for property owners to achieve a lush and healthy lawn. A lot of DIY homeowners have beautiful lawns without the help of professionals. You, too, can achieve your dream lawn by just following our proven tips for maintaining your lawn.

4 Sensible Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn

A great-looking lawn will not only improve the functionality of your outdoor space but also help increase the value of your property. Your outdoors will also become safer if the lawn area is well-maintained. But how can you achieve this kind of lawn if you're not a professional landscaper? Do you have to buy expensive equipment to perform various lawn care tasks? Well, you must not worry. You can still achieve a lush and healthy lawn without the help of an expert or buying those expensive power tools and lawn maintenance equipment. Our recommendation is for you to do some research and learn the different lawn maintenance methods and techniques. Reading landscaping journals and online publications will help you understand your lawn's specific needs and requirements. But if you are too excited to make your hands dirty, follow these basic but valuable tips for maintaining your lawns:

Mow At The Right Time And Interval

Mowing is one of the most important lawn care tasks that must be performed regularly. However, the mowing frequency depends on the grass variety, growing conditions, season, and growth pattern. For example, you can mow your lawn up to twice per week during the spring season and once per week during summer. It is also important to know the recommended height for each grass species. Most grass types will thrive well when their height is between 2-3 inches. Proper mowing will encourage grass growth and resist weed growth. Do you know that your mowing pattern will also affect the growing pattern of your turf? Make sure that you change the pattern or direction every mowing session. Your mowing pattern should be at 45- to 90-degree angle from the last direction to prevent soil compaction. Before you start the task, make sure that your mower is well-calibrated. The blades should be sharp to avoid causing damage to your grass.

Nourish Your Lawn

If your lawn has brown patches and is prone to diseases, you should check the condition of your soil. The topsoil may lack nutrients that are vital in the proper growth of your turf. Apply appropriate fertilizer in the spring, early summer, or when the grass starts growing. You may also feed your lawn mid-October before the ground freezes. Most commercial fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Make sure you choose the right N-P-K ratio for your grass type. Use a broadcast spreader to ensure even application of your fertilizer. If you are an environment conscious property owner, you may consider using organic fertilizers.

Ensure A Well-Irrigated Lawn

A well-irrigated lawn will not only look lush but also become resistant to most pests and diseases. Most of the popular tips for maintaining your lawns do not mention this but we consider this as one of the most important factors in ensuring your turf's overall health and growth. Your grass depends on water but too much of it will damage the turf and cause other problems. Overwatering may encourage pest infestation and diseases which can become costly maintenance tasks. If you have a new lawn or want to improve the efficiency of your irrigation, you must get the services of a professional installer. They can help you identify the right number of zones and choose the type of sprinkler system that will suit your lawn's water requirements. Choose an automated sprinkler system if you want a more efficient watering for your lawn. If you are working on a new installation project, we highly recommend the help of an irrigation specialist.

Dethatch And Aerate Your Lawn

Your turf will greatly benefit from aeration and dethatching. The accumulation of debris from grass blades and roots can cause certain health problems. Both maintenance tasks require special tools. Aerate your lawn at least once a year to avoid soil compaction. These tasks will also help improve the root system of your turf and make them lush and green.

Control Weed And Pest Infestation

Another important tip that you should not ignore is weed control and pest infestation. As a property owner, you must be proactive when dealing with weeds, pests and other diseases. These pests can wreck the beauty of your lawn if not controlled immediately. You must be able to identify the specific pest or weed so that your approach will be more effective. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended method of application to get positive results. If possible, use non-chemical solutions to get rid of infestation. It is a fact that some of the products in the market today are not safe for kids. You will also need special tools to perform your job accurately.

Lawn maintenance can be a fun and enjoyable task but it also requires patience and deep understanding of the various maintenance procedures and processes. Reading these valuable tips for maintaining your lawns is the first step to your new backyard endeavor. You may also hire well-experienced service providers like us at Thrive Landscape Management. We have decades of experience in lawn care and maintenance. We thrive in this business by doing superior workmanship regardless of our client.

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