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Tree Maintenance Tips

Tree Maintenance Tips, New Orleans, LA

Tree care is a vital part of any landscape maintenance program. Without regular care and maintenance, trees can become safety risks and landscape eyesores. As a property owner, you must ensure that these landscape elements are well taken care of by professionals. You need to find a company that can offer reliable tree services. An experienced and licensed company has the knowledge and skills to perform various tree care tasks.

And here at Thrive Landscape Management, we can help you maintain the health and proper growth of your landscape trees. We do various tree care services, including tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, fertilizing, disease treatment, and stump grinding. We have already performed numerous tree services in New Orleans, Metairie, River Ridge, Slidell and Harvey, LA. Call us now at 504-263-3588 so we can visit your property for proper assessment.

Tree Care Services

Tree maintenance services include a wide range of activities, such as tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, planting, fertilization, disease treatment, and pest control, among others. Maintaining trees can be a tedious task; it may involve several concerns that can only be managed by trained and experienced professionals. Removing fallen or decaying trees and trimming overgrown branches can be quite hazardous if done by an inexperienced person. Avoid these scenarios by hiring expert people like us.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree by yourself can be a dangerous and difficult task if you do not know how to do it properly. Tree removal should be never attempted by someone who is not experienced to prevent serious accidents. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, it should be done by certified arborists. Tree specialists will use the right equipment to remove dead or fallen trees. Companies offering tree services have complete equipment and resources, such as high-quality chainsaws, stump grinders, wedges, axes, ropes, and ladders. They will also perform careful tree assessment to ensure that the tree is completely removed from the area and disposed of properly.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Regular tree trimming and pruning are needed to keep your trees healthy. These tasks are also required to make outdoor areas more appealing and safer.

  • For aesthetics. The unwanted growth of trees hinders the beauty of your surroundings. Well-maintained trees will look more appealing and add a unique ambiance to your landscape.
  • For health. Poorly maintained trees can develop diseases and be infested by pests over time. Trimming and pruning can effectively improve the health of your trees by cutting off the dead and decaying branches.
  • For safety. Overgrown trees can consume a lot of space and cause passageway obstructions. They may also cause damages to landscape features and pose safety risks to people. Pruning and trimming will clear up your pathways and gardens.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, there poses one problem: the remaining stump. Tree stumps are eyesores and must be removed from your property as soon as possible. They pose safety and health risks, such as trip hazards and being infested by insects and pests. To get rid of the stump, you must hire a reliable stump grinding expert to have the stump removed. Professionals like us are equipped with the right tools and stump grinding machines.

Whatever tree maintenance services you need, you can count on Thrive Landscape Management. We have been helping New Orleans and Mississippi property owners make their landscapes safer, more functional, and more attractive with our professional services. Call us now om 504-263-3588.

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